Registered Nurses: Why Earn a BSN?


Flexible, Online Learning: RN to BSN

Nursing is a journey of lifelong learning and leadership, with many significant roles in a variety of healthcare settings. Nurses are at the forefront of advocating for and promoting quality outcomes, making vital differences for patients and their families. Nurses are the essential humanity we need and want in healthcare. 

In recent years, the demand for Professional Nurse Leaders has increased monumentality, and many local and national initiatives are striving to meet this demand.  A 2010 report from the Institute of Medicine recommends by 2020 our nation increases the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80 percent.

Research has demonstrated that registered nurses with BSN degrees are stronger clinical decision makers. Nurses need the knowledge, education and clinical experience to meet the needs of the ever-changing healthcare environment. Studies have also shown that BSNs provide increased quality and safe care to patients. Additionally, doors open for professional advancement for registered nurses with a BSN. Many hospitals and clinics are encouraging ADN/ASN and diploma nurses to obtain their BSN. 

If you are considering continuing your educational and professional journey by earning a BSN degree, The American Women’s College at Bay Path University is committed to helping you take your education to the next level. In our program, you will learn and build your knowledge, skills and leadership from actively practicing nurses and community leaders. You will prepare and build on your current practice to meet the demands of quality patient outcomes. Our non-residency, accelerated online-only program will easily fit into your busy lifestyle, and we always strive to keep our courses current and engaging. We offer comprehensive, continuous support to assist you in a successful journey.

CCNE has granted The American Women’s College at Bay Path University’s RN to BSN Completer Program full accreditation through December 31, 2022. Visit to learn more and enroll.