Exploring Entrepreneurship


New Business Administration major offers women entrepreneurs skills for successfully starting a business.

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business but weren’t sure if you have the skills to make it work? If this resonates with you, a business administration degree with an entrepreneurship program is a solid start. Beginning in Fall 2017, students at The American Women’s College will have the option of choosing to major in entrepreneurship for their business administration degree.

The entrepreneurship major is one of seven in the business department; the others include accounting, business administration, business analytics, digital marketing management, operations and strategic human resource management. “What this means is that within the core of business administration, a student can choose a career path in multiple career areas,” explained Jamie Litchfield, Director of Business Programs for The American Women’s College.

“Business administration is such a broad degree and it’s really about teaching women critical thinking and strong management skills, and giving them the tools they need to guide an organization and make strategic decisions,” Litchfield said.


Jamie cites statistics showing that women are the predominant group currently starting new businesses. In fact, overall women-owned businesses grew by 74% between 1997 and 2015 (1.5 times the national average), according to the “2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report” as stated in Fortune Magazine.

Entrepreneurship college programs address this trend. Specifically the entrepreneurship major at The American Women’s College gives students the tools they need to launch a business, including how to create a pitch, how to network, and how to create messaging both for their potential investors and their product or service.

“We don’t see a lot of courses aimed at teaching women how to go after investors and funding, and how to pitch an idea to investors,” said Litchfield. A pitch to an investor is very different than a pitch to the target market.” The entrepreneurship program will include classes that address all aspects of business financing—including how to get a business loan, and how to look for people who will invest in you and your company and believe in your product or service.

Although core business administration courses are offered both online and on The American Women’s College campuses, the higher level courses that focus on a specific major, including the entrepreneurship program, are strictly online. Educators with extensive professional experience in business apply real world knowledge to learning in the classroom, giving students an edge when it comes to business applications. When you get to a higher level, to have an instructor be really competent in an industry, and know the trends and the specific skills needed, based on experience—it’s really valuable to our students,” said Litchfield. In addition, having instructors who are also business professionals helps students when it comes to networking in their field and making the right connections.

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