Revolutionizing Online Learning is the SOUL of our Success


“It’s like having a tutor. Imagine, I had to go to an online college to get personal, individual attention!" —SOUL Program participant

We have long known that adults learn differently than their younger counterparts, and for the most part we know why. Adult learners are generally more mature, self-confident and autonomous. They have accumulated life experience and hold multiple roles—as worker, parent, spouse, friend and more—so they are usually more self-directed and used to multitasking.

Online education addresses these very factors by offering adult students the opportunity to learn what they want, at their convenience, and in a format that maximizes their unique capabilities. One aspect of online higher education that has been missing, however, is the ability to create a dynamic, customized learning environment for each student based on his or her specific needs.

The Social Online Universal Learning (SOUL) program offered by The American Women's College of Bay Path University does just that. SOUL is a set of cutting-edge online tools and resources developed to make students' college experience more personal, supportive and successful.

“It allows me to go as fast or as slow as I like.” —SOUL Program participant

As part of the College's student services, SOUL includes elements that research suggests are characteristics of effective accelerated online learning environments for adult students, including:

  • Integrated, supportive mentoring relationships for students with peers, coaches and faculty
  • Immediate, constructive feedback on performance
  • Clearly delineated pathways to graduation

“It gave me the confidence to try new subjects.” —SOUL Program participant

With its SOUL program, The American Women’s College is revolutionizing online learning.

Key Features of SOUL include:

SOUL Connect (EXT097)

Through this on-boarding experience, each student becomes oriented and strategizes with an advisor on elements of preparedness.

Accelerated Pace

With the help of learning analytics and predictive models, SOUL facilitates immediate interventions and critical supports whenever a student begins to struggle.

SOUL KP (KnowledgePath) 

Students experience academic gains when instruction is customized to their learning needs and offered in a variety of modalities.

Wrap-around Support

Each student partners with a dedicated Educator Coach who will champion her success.


      SOUL Communities

Students engage and network with a vibrant, virtual community of adult learners who share their professional interests and their personal goals.

SOUL Connect for Educators

In addition to their subject matter expertise, our faculty and instructors use SOUL's analytics to inform their instruction.


Why settle for a cookie-cutter education? Find out how SOUL can help you earn your bachelor’s degree in a learning environment that adapts to YOU…not the other way around.

awc-201611-vid-7.jpg >>Watch Chris, an AWC student, talk about how her SOUL experience

 Selected in 2014 from more than 500 applications, Bay Path University was one of only 24 US    institutions to receive a prestigious FIPSE (Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education) grant from the US Department of Education. This grant funded the development of SOUL's data warehouse and related tools that pair innovative analytics with personalized instruction for the overall improvement of student graduation outcomes.